Terra Botanica to open in April

Terra Botanica to open in April

Opening of Europe’s first-ever park entirely devoted to plants, on Saturday, 10 April 2010, near Angers (Pays-de-la Loire).

This unique site is the result of a ten-year reflection process undertaken by the Maine-et-Loire Departmental Authority. Men and women, businesses and architects, landscape gardeners and scenic artists all participated in a unique experience, full of challenges, so that the park, called Terra Botanica, could open in 2010.

The park is due to open in April, the ideal season when thousands of flowers are in bloom.

Designed according to environmental principles, Terra Botanica caters for an increasingly strong demand from the general public.

An exceptional journey takes visitors around four areas with the themes of ‘Coveted Plants’, ‘Generous Plants’, ‘Mysterious Plants’ and ‘Tamed Plants’, thus enabling visitors to become familiar with plants from all angles.

Forty attractions and activities (including interactive games, a water trail, a treetop trail and tree houses) will be available to visitors over the 11 hectares of the park.

A few activities not to be missed:
- Les comptoirs aux merveilles [The Trading Posts of Wonders]: The botanical journey begins with the discovery of goods shipped over from distant lands, such as tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and textiles.
- Les 5 continents [The Five Continents]: Visitors stroll along the dockside and explore the inside of containers, where there are displays presenting different regions of the world.
- L'Odyssée botanique [The Botanical Odyssey]: This film packed full of special effects takes visitors on a voyage across the Atlantic.
- De capes et d’épices [Of Capes and Spices]: This role-playing adventure game launches visitors on the trail of the East India Company and the discovery of Africa and Asia.
- Voyage au centre de la plante [Journey to the Centre of the Plant]: *4-D Film*
On the scale of a cell, without leaving their seats, visitors explore what goes on inside a tree by watching photosynthesis as it takes place.

From May 2010 onwards, Terra Botanica will be open to companies wishing to organise their events at a unique location in Europe: seminars, meetings, management committee meetings, exhibitions, receptions.

Further information:
Terra Botanica official website