Festival d'Avignon [Avignon Festival]

Festival d'Avignon [Avignon Festival]


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Festival Avignon 201064th Festival d’Avignon [Avignon Festival]
7 to 27 July
A place for artists from contrasting origins, spheres and generations to come together, the Avignon Festival is both avant-garde and a reference. Some forty shows are staged in twenty different venues, from small chapels to the legendary Cour d’Honneur (main courtyard) of the Palais des Papes [Papal Palace]. In 2010, the associate artists are theatre director Christoph Marthaler and writer Olivier Cadiot.

On the programme in the main courtyard of the Papal Palace: Papperlapapp by Christoph Marthaler, a play written specially for the site, Shakespeare’s Richard II directed by Jean Baptiste Sastre with Denis Podalydès in the title role, a reading by Olivier Cadiot of L’Affaire Robinson (The Robinson Affair) and a drawing show by Rodolphe Burger with the participation of the cartoonists Dupuy and Berberian..

Altogether, some forty performances will be staged in the city, artistic experiments aimed at analysing, understanding and recreating the contemporary world.


Festival Off AvignonFestival OFF [Fringe Festival]
8 to 31 July
Over 900 companies from throughout France and around the world turn the city into a giant stage of artistic confrontations, with all disciplines of the performing arts represented in a hundred venues around the city.